The Presbyterian Church Lakehurst, N.J.

101 Orchard St.  Lakehurst  NJ  08733
phone: 732-657-5211

Fellowship and Evangelism - Loving God with all our Heart!
"The Presbyterian Church at Lakehurst is a caring church," according to our friends and neighbors. "It is easy to feel at home and find our place in the faith community."

We try to make sure our doors are open to everyone who God draws to the Church; they feel welcome and spiritually nourished, and they find ways to care for others through prayer, calls or visits. 

Fellowship Time after worship offers an opportunity for us to connect with and support one another, and to welcome visitors. Luncheons throughout the year reveal our love for food and fellowship, as well as our culinary gifts.  

"Country Wonder" is on summer break and will return on Sept. 11 at 5 pm . Everyone is welcome to bring a table-ready dish to share for pot luck supper, and enjoy the country music of Carole Sloan!

In coordination with the Deacons, we maintain a prayer chain, and reach out to members of the Church who are homebound, sick or in a hospital or nursing center with calls, cards and visits. For those who have no family nearby, we try to offer support when they are ill, and advocate for needed social services and healthcare. 

And we rejoice in welcoming new members into the Church, for they enrich the family of faith and help us see God with new eyes.